Sterling Financial will make sure your SMSF meets all compliance requirements. Guy and Melissa our in-house experts in all superannuation compliance, taxation and strategy matters.


  • Reconcile your bank account
  • Reconcile personal contributions with you or your accountant to ensure they match the amounts claimed
  • Reconcile employer contributions with you or your accountant to ensure they match the employer amounts claimed
  • Record the contributions correctly to the applicable preservation status
  • Confirm investments and valuations as at 30 June
  • Confirm the dividends received and reinvested during the year
  • Confirm trust distributions received and reinvested during the year
  • Prepare financial accounts for the year ending 30 June including:
    • A statement of financial position
    • An operating statement
    • Notes to the accounts
    • A trustee statement and resolution o Members’ statements
    • Investment summary and income reports
  • Complete and lodge the income tax return and annual GST return
  • Prepare a client letter confirming employer contributions and S82AAT personal contributions to the superannuation fund
  • Prepare a Notice of Tax Payable or Refund
  • Contact the ATO throughout the year regarding tax instalments and other compliance matters
  • Attend to PAYG obligations

Trustee compliance

  • Complete the minutes for the fund
  • Complete the resolutions for the fund
  • Review the fund’s investments in relation to the investment strategy
  • Conduct an annual interview to review the fund’s compliance and investment strategy with a financial planner or accountant as required by law


  • As part of our initial consultation we will work with you to develop a tax minimisation strategy
  • Drawing on our wide experience, we can help you with a range of strategies such as small business retirement exemptions and other Capital Gains Tax (CGT) minimisation opportunities
  • As well as making sure all of your reporting and lodgment obligations are met, we will review your fund and make recommendations based on any opportunities presented under recent changes to tax rules

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